Freelance writer extraordinaire!

I’m a freelance writer who loves writing, editing and proofreading. It’s simple. You are busy. I research, draft and edit the documents you envisage but can’t undertake. I make your ideas into documents that inform, sell, update and intrigue. 

  • My writing is precise and concise.
  • I get it back to you on time, every time. I promise.
  • Whatever your point of view, I get it.
  • I move easily between different industries, practices and professions – adapting smoothly to different writing styles and content.
  • I love doing research, to make sure what we write for you is accurate and current.
  • I have a solution for every writing problem.

What to expect: let’s be on the same page.

  1. You contact me to request a quote. I will then contact you to discuss your project needs.
  2. I draft a return brief; that is, my version of what you’ve asked for – to make sure we are on the same page.
  3. Once I have clarified your needs, I will submit to you a Fixed Price Quote for your project, within 24 hours.
  4. I request you view and sign my Terms of Engagement. It’s written in simple English and ensures we all understand exactly what you require and when you need it by. 
  5. Your work will be returned within the agreed period of time. I guarantee it. (And you’ll love it too!)

Minimum fee:

A minimum project fee of AU$250 applies to all projects for new clients.  The balance of the invoice is payable within 14 days of you receiving the invoice.

Fees for large projects:

For projects which generate a quote over $3,000, I require %50 to be paid before work is commenced.

Rapid Turnaround Fee:

If you need a job done ASAP, I can do it for you. I charge a 25% Rush Rate for rapid turnaround service.

Retainer fee:

You may wish to retain my services on a regular basis – I’d love that too! I am happy to discuss and tailor retainer fees.

Discounts for NPOs:

If you are a not-for-profit organisation, please inquire about my discounted rates for NPOs.

Need an editing or writing job done fast?

Request fast-track writing service from me.

I have a solution for every writing challenge. No matter how big or complex it is, I can deliver a positive solution. Nothing scares me. When it come to words, I am fearless.

I love working from the big picture down to the finest detail. This ability to work within a range of scales is what sets me apart. I can quickly see patterns in complex problems, and I am great at outlining what needs to be done; however, I also pay attention to detail.

I make sure the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, proverbially speaking.

Need an editing or writing job done fast?

You can lean on me. If I say I will do something, I will do it. And I make sure I am available for my clients. I understand things need to be done at the last minute – I will accommodate your needs as best I can.

Through my flexible and adaptable approaches I can ‘shape-shift’ our way into your industry thinking with ease. I have worked across a wide range of sectors, industries, professions and practices, and what makes me distinctive in the market place is my breadth of experience.

I provide research, writing, editing  and proofreading services across diverse fields such as business, education, design, the environment and planning, landscape heritage and science.

We get your vibe and we create your voice from it. We make sure your communications portray your point of view.

If we are writing blog content, or any kind of copy, on your behalf, we need to know you pretty well … so we can literally finish your sentences. It’s all about the words – how and why you say them.

You give me a deadline and I deliver your writing or editing task by then. On time, every time. I promise.

I run a business too. I understand deadlines, last-minute meetings, a report needed yesterday … so relax. Let me draft that report, create the perfect PowerPoint presentation, edit your annual review or proofread your thesis or book chapter.

I work quickly, and accurately.

My job is to make you happy. Simple.

Arrow by name and nature; accuracy and attention to detail are our top priorities.

My job is to create clear and accurate meaning for you and your readers.

Concise language means the fewest possible words without sacrificing meaning to make your ideas more understandable. I can help you create strong and clear mental pictures and avoid wordiness. Easy!