Through my flexible and adaptable approaches I can ‘shape-shift’ our way into your industry thinking with ease. I have worked across a wide range of sectors, industries, professions and practices, and what makes me distinctive in the market place is my breadth of experience.

I provide research, writing, editing  and proofreading services across diverse fields such as business, education, design, the environment and planning, landscape heritage and science.

  • I am an invited guest on Expert Panels and provide advice to local authorities.
  • I draw on my extensive knowledge and a wide network of resources to address your brief.
  • I am familiar with a range of reporting types, their structure, audiences, protocols, relevant legislation and standards.
  • I am a published authors of journal and conference papers.
  • I have been proofreading and undertaking structural editing and copyediting at a university level for over 20 years. Documents include draft manuscripts, scientific reports, chapters, reports, technical papers, grant applications, web pages, theses, conference and journal papers, and project reports.

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