Meet Catriona McLeod: Director + writer

I love words. I am no happier than when drafting a 60-page business report, editing a PhD, researching and writing blog or website content or completing a complex grant application. [I do the cryptic crossword over breakfast if you need further convincing].

Writing takes time – time to research, structure, draft and edit – and I’m highly skilled at all of these. I cite the anecdote about Pablo Picasso: when a passerby offered to buy a sketch he had done on a table napkin, she was offended when he asked for $5,000. He explained it wasn’t equivalent to just five minutes’ work, but that of a lifetime’s experience.  The message is clear: experience is invaluable.

I am a former high-level lecturer, researcher and project manager: ten years at the University of Tasmania and prior to that, 20 years at the Queensland University of Technology. In this leadership and management capacity, I researched, drafted and edited documents such as planning overviews, business plans, media releases, budgets, project progress reports, grant applications, tender documentation, articles for publication, website and blog content, book chapters, text for competition entries and operating manuals.

My experience as a business owner and with stakeholders across the public and private sectors provides an excellent working knowledge of writing styles, audiences, language and conventions. Writing also takes patience and an ability to understand the client’s needs, while retaining their ‘voice’ in the text. I am patience personified and will work until I get it right for you.

Scope of work

I love and value the broad scope of clients, content and document types with which I work. Recent projects include a travel feature article, architectural award competition entries, business reports and Chairman’s letters,  a landscape curtilage assessment, Tasmanian Community Fund applications, an article on the MONA markets and proofreading an international PhD. You can see some of my recent work here.