Academic copy editing and proofreading

Academic Editor and Proofreader 

We understand the academic protocols and requirements for academic examination or publication.

Catriona is highly experienced in editing and proofreading draft theses (Honours, Masters, Doctorates, and Ph.D’s), exegeses, journal and conference papers, academic and progress reports, grant and funding applications, and ethics approval application documents, for example.

We use Track Changes and can work chapter by chapter, if necessary.  If you need a job done ASAP, we can do it for you. We charge a 25% Rush Rate for rapid turnaround service. We promise we will get it back to you fast and free of errors.

[Note: we do not undertake structural copyediting of Honours, Masters, Doctorates or Ph.D’s, as this is the responsibility of the academic scholar]. 

Types of Editing

Medium (standard) copyediting involves checking for style, consistency, and relationships between text and graphics (such as figures, tables, photographs and their respective captions).

Light copyediting is similar to editorial proofreading, but also involves a review of sentence structure in the document.

Proofreading: We do a careful check to ensure that there are no spelling or punctuation mistakes in the thesis or paper. Although word processing programs can pick up many spelling and syntax errors, they cannot read for context and therefore can either miss or ‘miscorrect’ spelling, in certain contexts. 

Proofreading and copy editing includes:

  • correcting spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors or providing options for improving grammar;
  • suggesting where different words, such as synonyms, could be used to better effect;
  • checking for use and consistency of the correct tense and person;
  • pointing out where a phrase, sentence, or paragraph is clumsy, out of place, ambiguous or repetitive;
  • highlighting questions of fact, sequence, timeline or logic that seem to be inconsistent, thereby improving the ‘sense’ of the text;
  • eliminating redundancies, tautologies, or repetition;
  • amending the structure of an argument by inserting linking sentences between paragraphs; transitional phrases, or sentences that summarise the main point;
  • suggesting ways to present information more logically and coherently;
  • removing inconsistencies in style in multi-author documents;
  • improving text so it is more persuasive;
  • standardising references so that the formatting, punctuation and presentation is consistent;
  • supplying briefing notes for graphic designers;
  • generating a Style Sheet to enable consistency;
  • providing project management from writing to editing, design, layout, proofing, and printing; and
  • preparing templates to help streamline things next time.

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