How can I help bring your words to life?


I love writing, editing and proofreading.

It’s simple. You are busy. I research, draft and edit the documents you envisage but can’t undertake. I make your ideas into documents that inform, sell, update and intrigue. 

  • I draft your Business Plans, Annual Reviews, and Business Reports.
  • I research, compose and upload your blogs, website content, press releases and other social media communications.
  • I draft your Tender Documents, Grant Applications, Award Entries and Competition Submissions.
  • I research, structure and draft your Operational guidelines, Procedural and Training Manuals, and Compliance Documentation.
  • I research and draft Position Statements and Market Research Reports. My experience as high-level researcher means the research I do for you is current, focused, rigorous and clearly summarised.
  • I manage the publication/writing process by briefing designers and printers, and ensure your document is produced on time and budget.
  • I make your document look AMAZING: I can focus on the details and make sure your communications are to the point, free of typos and errors, clear and accurate.
  • I save you reprinting expenses by getting it right, the first time. My job is to see and solve problems before they cost money. If necessary, I reduce overlong or overly complex documents, which also saves you time and costs.
  • I work out exactly what you need to say by identifying your audience and format, and by clarifying your identity.

Need an editing or writing job done fast?

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