Tara Young, Corporate Content Manager, Flight Centre Travel Group

At Flight Centre’s Head Office in Brisbane, the Content Writing team is required to provide continuous high quality articles across the many leisure brands of this global travel company. This constant demand necessitates that we outsource some of the blog articles to external providers.

Delivering thoroughly researched, comprehensive and well-written articles is often a daunting task for many writers. Not so for Catriona, as she quickly absorbed both the brief and the complex branding guides for several Flight Centre brands and produced engaging and inspirational travel stories.

Catriona seemed to intuitively know what questions to ask, what follow through was required and what we wanted to achieve with the particular piece that we had asked her to draft.

Catriona’s academic background, attention to detail and thoroughness came subtly through her writing and resulted in informative pieces that had an intelligent tone that resonated well with our target audiences, and still stayed on message and on brand.

The best thing was that we could just send the brief to Catriona and be confident that the task was well in hand. We could simply “set and forget”, and know that our brands would be professionally represented to our online client base through her thoughtful and engaging writing.