Arrow Writing + Editing: who are we?

We are word lovers

We are no happier than when drafting a 60-page business report, editing a PhD, researching and writing blog or website content or completing a complex grant application. 

Director Catriona McLeod is a former high-level lecturer, researcher, project manager and business manager.

She has researched, drafted and edited documents, such as business plans, budgets and project progress reports, grant applications, tender documentation, articles for publication, website and blog content, book chapters, text for competition entries and operating manuals.

Our experience as business owners, and with stakeholders across the public and private sectors, provides an excellent working knowledge of writing styles, audiences, language and conventions. 

You can see some of our recent work here.

What do we do? Basically, we save you time and money.

It’s simple. You are busy. We research, draft and edit the documents you envisage but can’t undertake. We make your ideas into documents that inform, sell, update and intrigue. 

  • We draft and edit your Business Plans, Annual Reviews and Business Reports.
  • We research, compose and upload blogs, website content, press releases and other social media content.
  • We draft Tender Documents, Grant Applications, Award Entries and Competition Submissions.
  • We research, structure and draft Operational Guidelines, Procedural and Training Manuals and Compliance Documentation.
  • We research and draft Position Statements, Market Research Reports and White Papers.
  • We manage the publication/writing process by briefing designers and printers, and ensure your document is produced on time and budget.
  • We make your document look AMAZING.
  • We save you reprinting expenses by getting it right, the first time. Our job is to see and solve problems before they cost money.
  • We work out exactly what you need to say by identifying your audience and format, and by clarifying your identity.

Need an editing or writing job done fast?

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