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If you are looking for a professional, accurate, on-time Hobart writer, look no further.

Hobart content writer – why you should hire me:

  • My writing is precise and concise.
  • I get it back to you on time, every time. I promise.
  • Whatever your point of view, I get it.
  • I move easily between different industries, practices and professions – adapting smoothly to different writing styles and content.
  • I love doing research, to make sure what I write for you is accurate and current.
  • I have a good understanding of SEO.
  • I have the ability to get and stay focused.
  • I have excellent time management tools and skills.
  • I am also an editor and proofreader, which means your content will be error-free.

Hobart writer – writing services I provide include:


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White paper writer

White paper writer

A white paper is a persuasive, authoritative, in-depth report on a specific topic that presents a problem and provides a solution.

Marketers, for example, create white papers to educate their clients or audience about a particular issue, or explain and promote a particular methodology. White papers are essentially advanced problem-solving guides.

The process for determining what you need to be written, and undertaking the writing:

  • Initial briefing;
  • Additional research, if needed;
  • Drafting and submission of the first draft;
  • Evaluation and integration of up to two sets of revisions; and
  • Submission of the final draft.


Hobart horticultural report writer

Hobart horticultural report writer

Do you love your garden, but don’t have a clue what’s growing in it?

I can help!

  • I visit your property then write a report that identifies native and exotic plants, and what should stay or go.
  • I suggest alternative plants to fill spaces and treatments for any plants that are diseased or affected by pests.
  • I devise an ongoing maintenance schedule.
  • I have 30 years experience working for landscape architects, architects and ecologists.
  • I am a member of:

In addition to teaching landscape design at a tertiary level, I worked as a horticulturalist in plant nurseries for over ten years and now regularly write for garden journals such as Garden Drum, so I know my plants! Have a look at some of my articles here. Also, see online articles at Sustainable Gardening Australia on weed invasive species here and native invaders here.

Most importantly, read what my horticultural clients and colleagues think:

E-book writer + Ghost writer

E-book Writer

I can structure, draft and edit e-book text for you. E-books are also a fantastic way to deliver in depth information about your business. E-books show how much you know, give you credibility and deliver readership.  

Ghost writer 

Ghostwriters are hired to write fiction or non-fiction in the style of an existing author, often as a way of increasing the number of books that can be published by a popular author. As a ghostwriter I handle most of the writing, using concepts and stories provided by the credited author. Let me help you shoulder the burden of the book in you!!

The process for determining what you need to be written, and undertaking the writing:

  • Initial briefing by phone, email, Skype or face-to-face, if appropriate;
  • Additional research, if needed;
  • Writing and submission of the first draft;
  • Further discussion/s;
  • Evaluation and integration of up to two sets of revisions – usually one is enough;
  • Submission of the final draft.


Landscape and cultural heritage writer

Landscape and cultural heritage writer

My experience as an educator, landscape designer, historian, and horticulturalist gives me a diverse suite of skills applicable to landscape, heritage and cultural projects. I can assist you in researching and drafting documents, such as:

  • Landscapes of Cultural Heritage Significance: Assessment Guidelines;
  • Heritage assessment and reports;
  • Conservation Management Plans;
  • Advice to and support of groups involved in Natural Heritage Trust and other community-based projects, with a landscape or garden focus, or in collaboration with a Heritage Architect;
  • Planting and landscape maintenance reports;
  • Horticultural assessment — removal and replacement of species; and
  • Site interpretation and value studies.



Environmental and sustainability writer

Environmental writer and editor

I research and write in the fields of sustainability in design, urban design, sustainable tourism, sustainable timber use, environmental sustainability, landscape architecture and planting design/strategies. I have experience in locating, understanding and applying relevant legislation, local authority zoning and planning schemes, environmental planning policies and national regulations. I specialise in the following:

  • Drafting scoping surveys and literature reviews;
  • Identifying and assessing  endemic, native, exotic and weed species, and vegetation types;
  • Drafting Environmental Impact Statements;
  • Editing scientific reports;
  • Drafting weed management strategies; and
  • Drafting bush regeneration strategies.

I understand highly technical material, such as raw data and scientific literature, and restate it in a clear and concise way. I can analyse and interpret data obtained from literature reviews, research, and sample findings and communicate clearly with the public and other stakeholders on focused environmental incidents or broad environmental patterns.

Sustainability writer and editor

I research, draft and edit documents such as:

  • Reports on the viability of sustainable tourism proposals;
  • Vegetable, and native edible food, garden layout and design;
  • Strategies for networking and collaboration, and harnessing social media;
  • Assistance in development of appropriate tools for raising awareness in order to foster community engagement; and
  • Community grant funding applications.

See my online articles in Sustainable Gardening Australia on weed invasive species here and native invaders here.

Plan and documentation writer

Plan + documentation writer

  • I love the big picture challenge of structuring and drafting plans, of any type.
  • I do the research to help you make decisions about your business including structure, marketing strategies and finances.
  • I assist in determining for whom you are writing the plan. I understand it is a long and often slow process, with many reviews, protracted stakeholder involvement and re-writes … but I will help you get there.


Grant application, competition entry and tender writer

Grant application writer

Grant applications  I  Competition entry writing  I  Tender writing

I have worked on multiple applications, for a range of commissioning and funding bodies.

I know the time and effort these documents take to prepare for success. I understand issues of confidentiality and privacy, time management, appropriate language, rapid and accurate research, the need for generating multiple drafts, developing budgets, and working with a range of stakeholders.

Grants and other applications I have worked on include:



Blog + Website Writer

Blog + Website Writer

I love blog and content writing!  Before I start to write, I strive to understand you and your audience:

  • What do they want to know about?
  • What will resonate with them?

My aim is to generate content that elevates you from blogging about generic stuff to the targeted content your audience really wants (and needs) to hear.

Why blogging is vital for a growing  business:

  • Without regular and up-to-date blogging, your SEO will nose-dive.
  • A well-written blog means staying in touch with a niche market and demonstrating what you know.
  • A regularly updated blog can generate interest all around the world.
  • Publishing in-depth blog posts help potential clients and customers solve their problems, and they come to trust and respect you as an expert in the field.
  • Blogging is a great way to get instant feedback on an idea that you want to develop further.
  • Over time, as you share more of your expertise, your website will change from ‘just another blog’ into a powerful demonstration of your knowledge in a field, and a key way of expanding your network.

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Hobart story + family history writer

Do have a story to tell …

… for example, family history, personal narrative or writing up family research? 

I would love to thread together your story into a book, album, chapter, newsletter or website. I will retain your voice, but help you to structure a coherent argument or storyline. I can give you tips on researching archives and tracking down family ancestors.

Many people begin a family history because they want to ensure their family stories are preserved for future generations – whether or not they aim to write a book. Often stories start with an artefact – a photo, a news clipping, a painting – or a family anecdote. Let me help you with this precious project!

Business communications writer + editor

Business communications writer

 As your business communications writer I can assist you in saving time and money for your company, whether you employ 100, or it’s just you. 

Business writing is a critical aspect of how people can share information with each other in an efficient, professional manner. As a corporate writer and corporate communications professional, I use my skills to support and further the strategy of business managers.

Business editor and proofreader

We edit your documents fast!


Need an editing or writing job done fast?

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