Arrow Green

We recently expanded our writing joy with Arrow Green.

Do you love your garden … but don’t have a clue what’s growing in it? 

Do you have problems with weeds, pests and sick plants … or have gaps that need filling?

Are you in a high fire zone and need ideas?

Arrow Green can help!

  • We visit your property, then write a report that identifies native and exotic plants, and what should stay or go.
  • We suggest alternative plants to fill spaces and treatments for any plants that are diseased or affected by pests.
  • We devise an ongoing maintenance schedule.

We have 30+ years experience, working for clients, landscape architects, architects, and ecologists.

In addition to teaching landscape architecture at a tertiary level, Catriona worked as a horticulturalist in plant nurseries for over ten years and now regularly writes for garden journals such as Garden Drum, so she knows her plants!

Have a look at some of her articles here, and her articles at Sustainable Gardening Australia on invasive weed species here and native invaders here. 

Plus, here is a report she wrote summarising key Australian landscape design principles for SMEDI Co Ltd.

Read what some of our horticultural clients think:

When we bought our new home we were overwhelmed with where to start transforming our garden. Catriona helped to determine an overall plan, and identified the different species of plants already growing, suggested which plants we should remove along with a list of suggested species to plant based on our ideas about how we wanted the garden to look. She also categorised each of these plants into where and when they should be planted, specifying plant sizes and other considerations. Catriona is a wealth of information when it comes to selecting a range of plant species for your garden and I can highly recommend her expertise in this area for anyone wanting a comprehensive plant schedule, plant maintenance plan or simply an overview of their existing plant specifies. Philippa Steele, Client, Hobart.

Catriona McLeod has helped me on numerous occasions and her plant knowledge is exceptional; aligned with that is her ability to identify plants not only in garden situations but also in the wild.  Janye Graham, Client, Brisbane.

I count myself fortunate having met Catriona McLeod during the early stages of developing my garden on a challenging site. With her extensive knowledge and experience, her advice has been valuable, shaping order and style from my muddle of ideas, saving much time and expense of prolonged trial and error planting. She has helped me see beyond that limited plan, opening up possibilities, which had not been apparent to me and has introduced me to plants which were beyond my experience. Her generosity in sharing resources dealing specifically with sites like mine, graphically illustrating the potential, has been a great bonus. Many thanks, Catriona! Andrea Kimber, Client, Hobart

Catriona possesses a significant knowledge of native, garden and pest plant species accumulated through extensive work in a variety of industries. Her background in horticulture and landscaping has provided her with a strong ability to select the appropriate species for specific situations. In addition, she has the capability and resources to identify native species in natural or modified surroundings. Catriona possesses a very strong blend of practical and theoretical knowledge that combines to provide practical advice. Angus M. Ecologist & Conservation Officer, Planning and Conservation, Wet Tropics Authority.

I choose to work with Catriona over a very long distance because of the rare mixture of skills, talent, and intellect that she has. These mean that we can work together very flexibly when I am assisting a client to make a garden. Her horticultural knowledge seems to span the continent but she has shown humility and circumspection when communicating with her peers. I’ve found that Catriona will always research something that might be uncertain. She has a keen understanding of the environment, of climates, soils and atmospheres and ecosystems, backed by practical experience in propagation and garden making. John Price, PriceMusgrave Architecture.

Dr. McLeod’s experience in botanical identification, coupled with her sensitive approach to complementary planting arrangements assist in achieving a holistic design outcome, essential to any new or existing project. Gordon Williams, Accredited Building Designer, Richmond

As a senior landscape architect, I have worked with Catriona McLeod in both professional and academic contexts.  I’ve always found Catriona to be extremely professional and respectful; Catriona has an exceptional mind and I’ve always admired her high level creative thinking. Through my work at landscape architecture firm Inspiring Place, Catriona has worked alongside me as a professional consultant, where she has demonstrated considerable knowledge of plants and plant identification, and clear and concise report writing skills. During my time working with Catriona, I’ve been most impressed by her attention to detail, analytical approach to research, scientific knowledge of plants, and her ability to deliver reports in a timely and professional manner.  Edwina Hughes, Senior Landscape Architect, Inspiring Place