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Thank you so much for helping get it to the final version.  Really would have struggled without your help. And thanks for doing it all so promptly and efficiently.

Oh, and I have given your service a big thumbs up to one and all.  I think you might be getting a few customers from UNSW in the near future.  Lots of people had reports of bad experiences with various companies, so they were only too glad to hear about a good experience for a change. 

David Edwards, Doctoral candidate, University of NSW

Catriona was my proofreader for my PhD – I couldn’t have finished this without her professional and detailed help in proofreading this for me. She was not only able to do this quickly and efficiently but helped me in formatting and adding sections I hadn’t thought about. She is amazing and worth every cent!

Kirsty Máté, Doctoral Candidate, University of Tasmania

Dr. Catriona McLeod went above and beyond to help me not only with crafting my scholarship application but also to mentor me so that when I did write the application I had something well researched, achievable and solid to create. I did not expect to finish the application with a clear realistic idea of where I am headed and the steps to get there. In writing the application I was completely overwhelmed and Catriona so graciously led the way to attack such a big application and to craft my words together so expertly.

When it came to editing Catriona was invaluable by helping me to cut everything down (by nearly 50%!) to fit within the word limits. Even on the application due date, Catriona was instrumental in checking that I made it in on time and for helping me with the daunting online form.

Thank you Catriona! I would not have been able to construct, write or hand in the application without your help. It was such a wonderful process and I feel much more confident in the direction I am going in!

Ellie Harrison, musician and grant applicant (Brisbane)

Thank you very much for the detailed comments. It is great to see how my thesis has improved with professional copy-editing. Thank you also for delivering the edited thesis so early today. This gives me the chance to have my final draft ready [early].

Umberto Baresi, Doctoral Scholar (Italy)

At Flight Centre’s Head Office in Brisbane, the Content Writing team is required to provide continuous high quality articles across the many leisure brands of this global travel company. This constant demand necessitates that we outsource some of the blog articles to external providers.

Delivering thoroughly researched, comprehensive and well-written articles is often a daunting task for many writers. Not so for Catriona, as she quickly absorbed both the brief and the complex branding guides for several Flight Centre brands and produced engaging and inspirational travel stories.

Catriona seemed to intuitively know what questions to ask, what follow through was required and what we wanted to achieve with the particular piece that we had asked her to draft.

Catriona’s academic background, attention to detail and thoroughness came subtly through her writing and resulted in informative pieces that had an intelligent tone that resonated well with our target audiences, and still stayed on message and on brand.

The best thing was that we could just send the brief to Catriona and be confident that the task was well in hand. We could simply “set and forget”, and know that our brands would be professionally represented to our online client base through her thoughtful and engaging writing.

Tara Young, Corporate Content Manager, Flight Centre Travel Group

Catriona is a lifesaver! When I can’t find the right words … she can.

Catriona is also my Babel fish. When I require a submission or media release, Catriona brings her architectural training, research and writing skills to add structure, direction and clarity to what I am trying to say and convey. She translates my loose concepts into meaningful sentences.

In a world that builds project teams globally and is rarely location-specific, Catriona’s responses to my writing briefs are rapid and clear, and seamlessly fit with how Misho + Associates works. She gets me. And what I do.

Misho Vasiljevich, Director: Misho+Associates

I have worked with Dr. Catriona McLeod for over ten years and have found her to be utterly reliable and competent in her numerous and varied areas of expertise. She has outstanding ability as an editor of academic theses.

Kerry van den Berg, TESOL consultant

I found Catriona’s editing extremely thorough and insightful. She not only identified and corrected a range of structural and grammatical errors but her understanding of sophisticated design and philosophical concepts also allowed her to identify weaknesses and strengths in my arguments. 

Christopher Morgan, Master of Education, Teacher

Dr. Catriona McLeod’s knowledge of, and experience in, writing and editing is not only the accumulation of many years of researching, teaching and supervising, but is also grounded in a genuine interest in strong, clear communication. Catriona’s rigorous approach to research methods, her meticulous attention to structural and grammatical detail in their content greatly enhanced the clarity of my ideas. Further, Catriona’s proofreading and editing skills are excellent and her advice regarding the efficacy of well-communicated ideas remains invaluable.

Dr Anna Hooper, Senior Tutor and Researcher, University of Melbourne, Department of Architecture, Building & Planning

Catriona provided invaluable assistance to me in the redesign and development of the Weed Society of Queensland quarterly magazine, Weedshine.  The magazine can contain technically dense material but Catriona’s ability to rapidly gain an understanding of a diverse range of material and her proof reading and editorial skills ensured the articles were easy to read and the material flowed effortlessly from page to page.

Dorean Erhart, NRM & Climate Change Policy Advisor – Environment & Planning, Local Government Association of Queensland Inc.