Environmental and sustainability writer

Environmental writer and editor

We research and write in the fields of sustainability in design, urban design, sustainable tourism, sustainable timber use, environmental sustainability, landscape architecture and planting design/strategies. We have experience in locating, understanding and applying relevant legislation, local authority zoning and planning schemes, environmental planning policies and national regulations. We specialise in the following:

  • Drafting scoping surveys and literature reviews;
  • Identifying and assessing¬† endemic, native, exotic and weed species, and vegetation types;
  • Drafting Environmental Impact Statements;
  • Editing scientific reports;
  • Drafting weed management strategies; and
  • Drafting bush regeneration strategies.

We understand highly technical material, such as raw data and scientific literature, and restate it in a clear and concise way. We analyse and interpret data obtained from literature reviews, research, and sample findings and communicate clearly with the public and other stakeholders on focused environmental incidents or broad environmental patterns.

Sustainability writer and editor

We research, draft and edit documents such as:

  • Reports on the viability of sustainable tourism proposals;
  • Vegetable, and native edible food, garden layout and design;
  • Strategies for networking and collaboration, and harnessing social media;
  • Assistance in development of appropriate tools for raising awareness in order to foster community engagement; and
  • Community grant funding applications.

See our online articles in Sustainable Gardening Australia on weed invasive species here and native invaders here.