Editor Services

Editing and proofreading are two different activities. They serve different functions and occur at different times in the writing and/or publication process.

Our Editor services

Types of Editing

  • Heavy (structural) copyediting involves a greater level of judgment and rewriting than standard copyediting. My aim is to improve the flow of the text and argument by rewriting various sections in order to produce a uniform tone, level and focus. This may involve changing the passive voice to active voice, rearranging sentences to improve readability and clarity and reducing the text to ensure it conforms to document layout and word limits.
  • Medium (standard) copyediting involves checking for style, consistency, and relationships between text and graphics (such as figures, tables, photographs and their respective captions).
  • Light copyediting is similar to editorial proofreading, but also involves a review of grammar in the document.

I provide editing and proofreading services,  including …

  • correcting spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors or providing options for improving grammar;
  • suggesting where different words, such as synonyms, could be used to better effect;
  • checking for use and consistency of the correct tense and person;
  • pointing out where a phrase, sentence, or paragraph is clumsy, out of place, ambiguous or repetitive;
  • highlighting questions of fact, sequence, timeline or logic that seem to be inconsistent, thereby improving the ‘sense’ of the text;
  • eliminating redundancies, tautologies, or repetition;
  • amending the structure of an argument by inserting linking sentences between paragraphs; transitional phrases, or sentences that summarise the main point;
  • suggesting ways to present information more logically and coherently;
  • removing inconsistencies in style in multi-author documents;
  • improving text so it is more persuasive;
  • standardising references so that the formatting, punctuation and presentation is consistent;
  • supplying briefing notes for graphic designers;
  • generating a Style Sheet to enable consistency;
  • providing project management from writing to editing, design, layout, proofing, and printing; and
  • preparing templates to help streamline things next time.
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