Hobart guest writer

A series of articles focussing on timber fit outs, for Forestry Tasmania (now Sustainable Timber Australia)

I was commissioned by Forestry Tasmania to research and highlight projects where the designers or builders featured one or more timbers in the internal fit out: 

Hobart report writer: Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute

Australian landscape design: key sustainable principles

I was asked to research and write a report on Australian landscape principles for Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute. This report was to guide the planning choices made by SMEDI for a site being developed near Sydney.

Australian Landscape Design: Key Sustainable Principles report

As requested by the client, the examples in this report show well-known and award-winning landscape projects in Australia, that focus on design using native plants, stone, wood and natural materials and address topics, such as ‘global problems’, ‘green house’, ‘ecology’, and ‘sustainability’.

Hobart technical feature writer: Renew Magazine

River Power

The editor of Renew: Technology for a Sustainable Future commissioned an article on harnessing river power.

In this article I describe how  Nigel Tomlin and his son Josh designed and custom-built a hydroelectric generator, literally in their Southern Tasmanian backyard.  The water’s power comes from its fall of 30 metres along 500 metres of pipeline: no mean feat given the project is entirely self-researched and self-funded and had multiple local and state authority hurdles.

Read the article here: River power: a hydropower station in your backyard


Design feature writer

Feature articles on design, building, architecture, and landscape architecture

I am frequently commissioned to research and write feature articles on design, building, architecture, and landscape architecture for nationally and internationally published journals.

My clients include the following journals:

habitus: living in design [Habitus is a movement for living in design, with a base in Australia and readership in Australasia, South-East Asia, the USA, Europe, South America and the Middle East].

Green Magazine: sustainable architecture and landscape design [Green Magazine] is Australia’s leading publication for inspirational stories on sustainable design featuring local and international houses, gardens and profiles].

ReNew: Technology for a sustainable future [ReNew magazine has been published by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) since 1980]



Hobart travel feature writer: Escape Travel [Flight Centre]

The sights and sounds of Portugal

I was asked to research and write a 750-word feature article on Portugal for Flight Centre’s Escape Travel brand.

The brief was ‘to entice travellers to get off the well-beaten (Spanish) track and venture into Portugal’, by describing the best aspects of Portugal for a fun two-week holiday. The challenge of this project was limiting the sites/sights as there are so many places and things to see and do … and eat! The outcome is a fantastic looking feature article, delivered on time and within the tight word limit.

Portugal Feature Article

Hobart environmental writer for EPA, NSW

Reports on EPA NSW FOGO recycling bin initiative 

In April 2018 I was commissioned by NSW Environmental Protection Agency to write two reports on the EPA’s FOGO (food organics and garden organics) recycling bin initiative in two Council areas. This process involved undertaking research, gathering historical and statistical  data and interviewing the relevant Council officers and other stakeholders.  The reports can be seen here:

Kiama City Council

Richmond Valley Council